30 Times Birds Hilariously Steal The Internet’s Attention For Being Birds

Birds are pretty great – they sing beautifully and honestly they can be badass too when they feel like it. If you come to think of it, these furry animals don't really get enough credit in the internet world- as compared to cats and dogs that generally have our attention. But when we think about it, half of our favorite memes involve birds doing something ridiculous.

People have been sharing snaps of their adorable dogs, cats, and birds on Snapchat — and the results are almost too cute to handle. From unlikely feathery friendships between birds and other pets to birds trying to fit in with different winged breeds this delightful list is sure to bring a smile to the face of bird owners, and admirers.

The Golden Plover is born with camouflage like moss.

GallowB**b -Via

Flagged a woman down when I saw a falcon stuck to her grill. The lady was okay with cutting it to save the bird.

sticknpucker -Via

Woke up to this gorgeous dude sleeping.

GodsFavoriteAngel -Via

Can never get a good picture of them all.

reddit -Via

Marilyn Monroe as a pigeon.

sc_k -Via

This bird staring at me from outside the window like I killed his family or something.

raxo101 -Via

Dad has been feeding the birds to show mom this every morning.

yassertm3 -Via

A birb warmer, the purpose of a mug.

beccapizza -Via

Very zen. Very warm.

sunbolts -Via

Mom sheltering her babies.

mac_is_crack -Via

Fed that one duck yesterday.

BrightenthatIdea -Via

The perfect watermelon exists.

GallowB**b -Via

Fixed his wing and came back with his girlfriend and now live with me.

Grommulox -Via

Now they have 4 beautiful babies!

painthands -Via

Hen caring for kittens during a storm.

wine-weed-wednesday -Via

Cat with chickenpox.

SomeGuy8010 -Via

Bird reading about himself.

I_drink_your_tears -Via

The birdie Sanders.

GallowB**b -Via

No idea how an owl got into my spare room, sitting on my close friend’s RV, who passed away a few years ago. His funeral program just under the RV. That’s his picture.

maximuminsertion -Via

World domination?

9gag -Via

Guy was drunk on fermenting apples, ran on window and threw up. He stole a rock and is sobering up in the tank.

5ittingduck -Via

Here’s Zeus, my beautiful blind friend, a Screech Owl.

ilostpoints -Via

Sister’s goat is having a baby today and the chickens came to say hello.

ilostpoints -Via

Duck thinks he’s a flamingo.

beccapizza -Via

Moist owlette.

sunbolts -Via

He’s been muttering under his breathe like this for 5 minutes because I didn’t let him chew my phone case.

twolost-souls -Via

These baby chicks just enjoying a warm cup of coffee.

zalilkhan -Via

A dog, 8 birds and cute hamster, best friends ever.

ninjago24 -Via

Not a single care given.

herper -Via