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Man Caught Kissing Woman On Camera During A Football Match Admits Cheating On Partner

A fan caught on camera locking lips with a woman next to him during a football match has admitted he was cheating on his..

Angry Customer Calls The Police On A Target Employee So People Raised $30k To Send Her On Vacation

One should know when to bring up your dentist's issue and when not to. Apparently, David Leavitt has rubbed the wrong si..

Footage Shows Toddler Climbing Out Of Fifth-Story Window In Tenerife

A nail-biting experience was captured on camera and is now doing rounds on social media. The 18-second clip shows a todd..

Cartoon Of Steve Irwin Welcoming Dead Australian Bushfire Animals In Heaven Goes Viral

A touching cartoon of Steve Irwin happily welcoming Australian animals in heaven has gone widely viral on the internet. ..

Vegan Left Devastated After Taking Bite Of KFC’s Plant-Based Burger And Realized It Was Chicken

27-year-old vegan Nic Kent has been eating a plant-based diet for 5 years along with her sister. The two of them went to..