Amber Heard Caught Cuddling Up To Elon Musk In The Private Elevator That Led To Johnny Depp's Penthouse

Amber and Elon are seen flirting in the private elevator that leads to Depp's, Heard's ex-husband, penthouse. Amber was only in her swimsuit as she covered herself with a towel, seemingly after swimming, alone with Musk who later hugged her from behind. The surveillance camera footage that was acquired by DM shows that Amber warmed up to his advances, although Musk insisted that the 33-year-old actress was not in a romantic relationship with him when she was still married.

The 'Jack Sparrow' actor had previously accused that Amber Heard was cheating from him with Musk just one month after their marriage and had Musk subpoenaed for the text messages they exchanged.

The footage shows Amber Heard in just her swimsuit and towel cuddling with Elon Musk.

While the security guards did not specify when or what time of the day did this happen, they have been recorded to reveal that Musk made several visits ever since before the divorce was submitted by Heard back in May 2016.

Meanwhile Depp had moved out of Eastern Columbia Building a month after the split. But Heard stayed until December 2016. Depp later sold all five of his units that could be accessed with the private elevator at $10.88 million.

The couple seemed to have put their bitter past behind, but Depp felt like he was pulled back when Heard wrote a newspaper article that includes her experience as a domestic violence survivor. She did not mention any names, but Depp filed for defamation because her story had led to speculations of him being the person referred to and losing his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Heard and Depp was married in 2015, but just a month later, Heard started seeing Musk according to Depp's side of the story.

In one of the suit alleged was written, "Specifically, Ms. Heard asked staff at the Eastern Columbia Building to give her ''friend Elon'' access to the building's parking garage and the penthouse elevator ''late at night,'' and they testified that they did so.

"Building staff would then see Ms. Heard's ''friend Elon'' leaving the building the next morning."

Depp later receives a restraining order after Heard allegedly accused him of having thrown the phone at her and beating her.

But Depp argues that it was Heard who staged it all.

He says that he is the 'elaborate hoax' of Amber Heard, the woman who had 'faked' her injuries with makeup. This was further solidified when Heard was seen on a weekend getaway to Miami with Musk just two months after the break up.

Heard's lawyers said it was Depp's 'frivolous' attempt by claiming infidelity and to shut her out from her job from 'Aquaman'. While Musk's sources had them saying it was total 'nonsense'. Musk's spokesperson said, "Elon and Amber didn't start seeing each other until May 2016, and even then it was infrequent."

In one of Depp's text message that made an apparent reference to Musk, read: "Brother, I'm sorry to even ask but she sucked mollusc's crooked d*** and he gave her some sh**y lawyers. I have no mercy left of what I thought was love for this gold-digging, low level, dime-a-dozen mushy, pointless, flappy fish market."

This was mentioned in a separate court where News Group Newspapers referred to Johnny Depp in 2018 as 'wife beater' and prompted Depp to sue them for it.

James Franco was also caught in the whirlwind, but he had just happened to ride the same elevator because he once lived in the same complex.

The defamation case hearing will be due in August this year. Regarding the new surging pictures, Depp's lawyer said, "Musk - aka Penthouse Guy - has publicly denied sneaking up to see Ms. Heard a month after her marriage to Johnny but that will soon be put to the test, as will her entire abuse hoax. As the evidence mounts up, who was where, and knew what, when?"