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Eminem Called Out For Cultural Appropriation In An Old Music Video

Back in 2004, Eminem released the song “My Band.” In it, the rapper was seen in a matador outfit while mem..

Kim Kardashian Breaks Up With Pete Davidson After 9 Months Together

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson called it quits earlier this week after nine months of dating. The pair had begun unexp..

Johnny Depp Earned $4 Million From His Debut Artwork Collection In Just Hours

Johnny Depp had long shared that he's a creative person that expresses himself through many mediums, including painting...

Newly Jennifer Lopez Has Changed Her Name After ‘Tying The Knot’ With Ben Affleck

The rekindling of Jennifer Lopez's old flame had people believing in the notion that true love is patient. She tied the ..

Richard Wilkins Applauds His Son’s Bravery For Wearing Backless Dress At The Logie

Iconic Australian presenter Richard Wilkins has backed his son, Christian, for wearing a backless dress to the Logi..