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Man Who's Eaten 32,340 Big Macs In His Life Holds World Record For Most Ever Eaten

We all appreciate the weird part of a Guinness World Record, and yes, this newest recorded stunt appears to be topping t..

Millie Bobby Brown, 17, Labels TikTok Star Hunter Echo ‘Untruthful’ Over His "Grooming" Claim

Millie Bobby Brown rose to fame at just 12-Years-Old and has spent the better part of her teenage in the limelight. It h..

Brazilian ‘Human Satan’ Reveals What He Looked Like Before Extreme Body Modifications

Michel Fara do Prado uses the name ‘Diabao Praddo’ on social media. And if there’s anything that amassed for him a..

Elon Musk Is Living Modest Lifestyle In A Tiny 375-Square-Foot Home Worth $50k

Elon Musk may be the third richest person globally, but he’s not living as large as expected. Having sold off most of ..

Royal Mail Refuses To Fire Its Poster Girl Who Couldn't Wait More Than Two Seconds

Laura Orgill recently sparked an outrage online after she uploaded a clip on TikTok showing how she shoves “We missed ..