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Dwayne Wade Criticized For Letting Son Wears Crop Top And Fake Nails - Gets Back At Criticizers

Some people never experienced the love and protection of a good father, like me. Dwayne Wade made sure that his son Zion..

Keanu Reeves Will Play The Wise Tumbleweed In New 'Spongebob Squarepants' Movie

More than millions of years and out of them all, we are alive at the same time as Keanu Reeves. What a true blessing ind..

Keanu Reeves Goes Public With His First Girlfriend In Decades

55-year-old John Wick actor, Keanu Reeves was holding the hand of a woman tightly. Apparently, it wasn't just for show -..

'Ladies And Gentlemen' Phrase Is Banned From The Theatre Under New Guidelines

Henceforth, the Ladies and Gentlemen phrase will no longer be heard by audiences, while also, performers should not have..

‘Joker’ Debut Beats ‘Venom’s October Box Office Record With $92 Million

The movie ‘Joker’ had scored an October Box-Office record with $13.3 million achieved for Thursday Showings. The r..