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'We Just Discovered We’re Siblings, But We’re Still Dating For 2 Years'

Finding out you have been in a relationship with your half-sibling for a long time could no doubt leave thoughts and mix..

Mom Who Accidentally Mooned School Class Says She’s Been Getting Thousands Of DMs From Blokes

36-Year-Old Kate Hannaford recently landed herself in what one would probably call an embarrassing moment. The now-famou..

Woman, 22, Takes Her Life After Being Haunted From Washing Dead Bodies At Work

It’s a grieving period for the family and friends of 22-Year-Old Tylor Watterson, who took her own life after bei..

Amber Heard Slams Johnny Depp For Posting On TikTok Thanking His Fans For Their Support

A few days back, a TikTok clip of Johnny Depp thanking his fans for their support made rounds on the internet. It began ..

GoFundMe Shuts Down $1m Amber Fundraiser Set Up To Help Pay Johnny

The high-profile defamation lawsuit between two formerly married A-listers saw Amber Heard lose a total of $8.35 million..