'Tinder Gran', 84, Is Ditching Tinder To Find Love After Decades Of One Night Stands

It's really fun when you get to mess around with others with no commitment attached. After all, not all of us are immediately prepared for the responsibilities and are most probably still chasing after our dreams. Hattie 'Retroage' Wiener is a New Yorker who's very active in Tinder. She has been enjoying using the app to find one night stands and this is all normal, except for the fact that she is the renowned 'Tinder Gran', an 84-year-old Grandma.

She has been 'dating and sleeping with men for 35 years' after he divorced in her 50s. She has two kids and three grandchildren but has not lost her youthfulness. She has had a lot of fun but she 'really want one man' instead of the constant stream of men.

Check out the video below for 'Tinder Gran' as he transitions from searching for one night stands to finding that one man.

Hattie reveals that even though she begins most of the 'matches' on Tinder for fun, she tends to get hooked up when she never planned to. And then she never hears back from those men ever again.

She also revealed that she once met a 60-year-old man, who was the oldest ever she's hooked up with. But like others, the man did not want to get attached with a woman of her age.

"It's very rare that a young man will pick a much older woman and live with her," says Hattie. "But I learned a lot from Tinder. You learn a lot [about] who you really are. And I did find that all of them were good experiences, different."

"And I learned that men are people instead of potential hard d***s," Hattie jokingly said. ""They would describe themselves as caring, compassionate, warm, loving and they had those qualities."

"But... I really want one man."