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9-Year-Old Afghan Girl Rescued From Being Married To A 55-Year-Old Stranger

The marriage of children under the age of 15 is deemed illegal in the majority of the world, but in some parts of the wo..

19-Year-Old TikTok Star Gabriel Salazar Dies In A Car Crash During Police Chase

A TikTok star's death was announced on Zavala County Sheriff’s Office's Facebook page after getting involved in a..

Massive Pile-Up Carnage On Tour de France Caused By A Single Spectator

Anything can happen in road racing, but the last thing racers need is a mindless fan holding out her placard in the midd..

Woman Fell To Her Death During A Rooftop Party In NYC's East Village

The police had reported the death of a woman who fell from the rooftop at East Village. Cameron Perrelli, a 24-year..

Bill Gates And Wife Melinda Are Splitting Up After 27 Years Of Marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates, one of the world’s wealthiest couples with a net worth of $130 billion, splits up af..