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Sobbing, Lost Immigrant Boy Approaches US Border Patrol Guard To Ask For Help

A video of an immigrant boy abandoned near the Mexico-United States border in Texas has gone viral. The heartbreaki..

Japanese Public School Will No Longer Be Allowed To Check Color Of Students’ Underwear

Over the past months, there’s been an emerging sentiment in Japan campaigning a look at student’s conduct rules with..

Teen Mom Partied For 6 Days And Sold Tickets While Her Baby Starved To Death

Not every parent is good in this world. It's always heartbreaking to hear yet another tragic story of young parents bein..

Plans For The First Sustainable City On Mars Are Revealed

ABIBOO, an architecture studio which think-tank runs on the mindset of being creative and innovative than everyone else...

World's Tallest Dog, Freddy The Great Dane, Died At The Age Of 8

Freddy was a Great Dane who became the Guinness World record holder when he stood at the height of 7 feet 5 inches. The ..