Justin Bieber Leads Celebrities Reacting To Brittney Griner’s 9-Year Russian Prison Sentence

Brittney Griner's 9-year sentence in Russia after she was caught with two cartridges of marijuana and a pen while entering the country. The case has been extended since February as Griner hasn't been able to meet her wife since then.

Justin Bieber expressed his anger at the sentence on his Instagram Story, resharing and writing, "This hurts. If anyone knows of anyway I can help please let me know."

Following Bieber, Mia Farrow also spoke out regarding the "heartbreaking verdict and tweeted out, "The Russian judge ignored everything Britney Griner had stated. He sentenced her to 9 years in a "penal colony". For carrying 2 vaping cartridges - medically prescribed. Damn. Heartbreaking."

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They are just among many celebrities who are against the Iron Curtain's verdict on the WNBA star. However, these are among those who were against the verdict - on the other side of the camp are people who said it was "nothing political" as she brought into the country substances that are considered illegal.


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Viola Davis has also spoken up, in shock after hearing about the verdict. She posted on Instagram, "No words. The scales of justice just broke down. In 9 years she will not even be able to go back to basketball...for a VAPE!!!!! #FreeBrittneyGriner."

On Twitter, she wrote, "We want you home Brittney! Where you should be. Where you deserve to be. I stand in solidarity."

But others agreed with comedian Tim Young's opinion, who reminded people that marijuana was illegal in Russia, and Brittney Griner was arrested because of that.

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The maximum sentence for carrying the illegal substance is 10 years and the prosecutors had asked for a nine-and-a-half years sentence. The 31-year-old basketball player was arrested back in February at the airport in Moscow. Attempt to renegotiate things and bring her home has failed since then.

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Griner called what she did a "honest mistake" and begged to not be made a political pawn amidst political tension since Russia's invasion.