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Archie Battersbee Loses Life Support After His Parent’s Appeal Was Rejected

On August 2nd, doctors at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London, claimed they would withdraw Archie..

Justin Bieber Reveals Half Of His Face Had Become Paralyzed As He Struggles To Eat

Justin Bieber has expressed his fears of struggling to eat after suffering facial paralysis from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. T..

Mom Tenderly Kisses Daughter, 23, Goodbye As She Lies Dying After Eating 'Cannabis Gummy'

Damilola Grace Olakanmi, a University of Hertfordshire Student, instantly fell sick after eating just one sweet laced wi..

'I Had My Lip Filler Dissolved, But It Got Even Bigger, My Boyfriend Left Stunned When He Saw Me'

Cleo Symes had lip filler for 5years but has recently transformed her pout back to normal by having it dissolved. Howeve..

Model Dies From Cervical Cancer One Day After Diagnosed After Doctors Dismiss Symptoms As Hormonal Problems

A 27-year-old met her untimely demise after being neglected proper medical care for her cervical cancer. Porsche Mc..