Eminem Called Out For Cultural Appropriation In An Old Music Video

Back in 2004, Eminem released the song “My Band.” In it, the rapper was seen in a matador outfit while members of D12 were dressed like they were in a Mariachi band. The song was no doubt a hit, and fast forward to 2022, a section right at the end of the song's music video is now heavily slammed. 

Fans turned attention to Eminem following rapper Tyga's scandal over his music video for the song ‘Ay Caramba.


Tyga had dressed in an outfit many branded a stereotype of Mexican culture. He received much backlash that he was forced to apologize to the Mexican community. “I want to apologize to the Mexican community and my fans that are Mexican,” the rapper told L.A. Leakers and American Cholo Podcast host Gil Tejada. 

He added: “I have a lot of Latin fans that are Puerto Rican or Dominican that probably weren’t offended by this video. But, My Mexican fans in L.A. there definitely was some that were offended.”

As the furor kicked off, some people instantly pointed out how Eminem escaped criticism for doing the same thing. And even though it was nearly two decades ago when the cultural appropriation in his video transpired, the rapper got called out, as one person wrote: “How come there’s no outrage in the Latino community for Eminem doing this? Huh?”

Notably, the music video had in 2004 been nominated for Video of the Year, Best Group Video, and Best Rap Video at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Another person commented: “Invent a time machine and travel back and/or forth to whichever era and this s**t will STILL not be funny.” A third stated: “I wonder why these folks aren’t demanding an apology from Eminem.” However, a few people claiming to be Hispanic said they find no problem with Eminem portraying himself as Latino. One user alleged: “As a member of the Hispanic community we don’t give that much of a s**t enough to cancel someone.” 

Another said: “I loved this ending as a kid! And I’m Puerto Rican! Makes me miss my sister even more.”

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