JoJo Siwa Enters A New Era As She Ditched Her Signature Ponytail

JoJo Siwa had once sung “Nobody Can Change Me,” but it seems her signature hair is an exception. The singer has officially opted for a new look and indeed, it’s a departure from her high ponytail and giant bows that became so synonymous with her. You will recall the LGBTQ advocate had even sold some of her themed hair bows for children. 

Well, JoJo has filmed herself getting the big chop on her blonde hair and appeared delighted about it.

As shared on TikTok and Instagram, her new short hairdo remains blonde but with closely cropped sides and a curly pompadour in front. Beaming over the new look, JoJo had captioned an image and clip of her haircut with “HAPPPPPPY.”

She added via her Instagram story: “It’s way different than long hair, it’s crazy! I’m obsessed,” before breaking into an excited smile.


JoJo has recently been trying out new looks, such as when she tried out the Jenna Johnson look for Halloween that had her dye her hair brown. She had also experimented with going without her famous bows and ponytails more often, opting for a more natural and relaxed look or other styles. 

But in all, the “Dancing With The Stars” alum looks so happy and excited about her new short hair, and we can’t help but feel happy for her.


This haircut is the latest in JoJo’s evolution. In early 2021, she had come out as queer, an unprecedented, primarily celebrated move. In just a year of coming out, she, however, has been faced with backlash coming out of her fanbase, which at the time consisted of elementary school-aged children. 


You can't agree any less that she's such a beauty!