'I'm Exhausted': Camila Cabello Calls Out Paparazzi Shots Of Her In Bikini Feeling Self-Conscious

Camila Cabello hit the beach to have a good time, but the 25-year-old time for a break from the camera was intruded by paparazzi, and "somehow" paparazzi were able to find her and snap some shots of the "Havana" singer in a bikini. She is not happy about the results at all.

She's finally slammed the photographers that she could never seem to shake off whenever she visits Miami. Camila took the rant to Instagram in a lengthy post, explaining her reason for feeling uncomfortable with shots of herself in a bikini circulating the internet.

The Cuban-American singer wrote, "Every time I've gone to this beach club in Miami I get tapped - somehow when I check-in, paps know and get me in my bikini and every time, I've felt super vulnerable and unprepared."


“I’ve worn bikinis that were (too) small and paid no mind to how I looked," she continued. "Then saw pictures online and comments and been so upset. I reminded myself when it impacted myself esteem that I was thinking the culture’s thoughts and not my own.”

“A culture which has gotten so used to an image of what a healthy woman’s body looks like that is completely not real for a lot of women.”

As a celebrity, she's very conscious of the lenses pointing at her, which prompts her to look her best even when she just wants to have fun. Regarding the newest circulating pictures of herself, Camila shared with her followers, "Today, I got a new bikini, a whole f**kin' cute outfit, put lip gloss on, and didn't eat anything too heavy before going in the ocean."

"'Cause I knew it was gonna be basically a whole photoshoot."


"I held my core so tight my abs hurt, and didn't breathe and barely smiled, and was so self-conscious of where the paps were the whole time I couldn't let go and relax and do what we're meant to do when we go out into nature," she continued her rant.

While she knows she "looked good" in these pictures, Camila could only recall feeling the "emptiness and sadness" because she was not enjoying her time at all.

She opens up about working with therapy and making the effort to work with her inner self, all to "get back to feeling like 7-year-old" her.

"I'm mourning her today," she ends her rant with a reminiscence of her childhood times. "Happy, silly, breathing, pretending to be a mermaid, free."

Fellow celebrities have shown support, such as Kesha who wrote her, "Ur a f***ing queen and are perfect. I also relate my love, the patriarchy wins when we starve ourselves and for who? NAH. Thank u for the honesty.”

Moved to tears by her honesty, Paris Hilton also sent an encouraging message, “Thank you for writing this; so important for people to hear. You are beautiful inside and out.”

"I feel you and am sending all the love and positive vibes your way," read another comment by "Emily in Paris" star Lily J. Collins.