M&S Praised For Featuring ‘Normal’ Woman With Stomach Rolls And Stretch Marks

“LOVE YOURSELF FIRST” is the advice of Megan Carole – a body-positive influencer. And by doing she has preached, Carole has recently landed herself a huge gig, featuring on Valentine’s underwear campaign of Marks and Spencer. As a result, the High Street Retailer is now applauded for using the influencer despite having stomach rolls and stretch marks.

A lot of impressed followers reportedly loved that the image of Carole was not unrealistically airbrushed.

In the underwear advert, the model appeared classily stunning in M&S £28 Silk & Lace Underwired Minimiser Bra and £14 Silk & Lace High Leg Knickers.

On the post reads the caption: “To me, from me. Self-love is the best type of love this Valentine’s Day.” In the comments, people couldn’t keep calm and, without holding back, aired their opinions. One person wrote: “Lovely to see a body that hasn’t been airbrushed. Another said: “Love this photo. She looks amazing.” While a third said: “Looks amazing. Thank you for actually taking photos of real women and not sticks.

Someone else stated: “Stunning pictures. Self-love is the hardest to obtain but the most important. You’ve got it loads."

Another praised: “Wow this is stunning, something new.” While one shopper wrote: “Lovely to see a larger model, bravo.” Carole is quite popular on the internet. She has almost 100K followers on Instagram and over 120K followers on TikTok. She also shared the same post on her Instagram.

Her caption read: “Love yourself first. The month of a whole lot of loving! TO ME, LOVE ME! Because you start to feel it you will begin to heal it! That definitely helps when you fall for a set that is gorgeous is this one from Marks and Spencer.”

However, Carole has continually described herself as a “big smiler & lots of body loving.”