25 Times Celebrities Hilariously Turned Their Fans' Pics Into Gem

Giving back is vital! And celebrities have proved this countless times. While they might be cherished by people worldwide, it turned out it isn’t a one-sided relationship. Celebrities, including Jason Momoa, Adman Sandler, Beyoncé, among others, adore their fans, going out of their way to ensure their followers know they are appreciated through making an impromptu entrance into their life. 

From Johnny Deep, known as Jack Sparrow walking around South East Queensland and taking pictures with local police to Aaron Paul making it into a Coachella selfie, it’s downright hilarious to see how celebrities can equally act goofy around ordinary people. Wondering how stars went above and beyond? Guess no further!  There aren’t undeniably many who get the honor to meet their idols, so these people are thankful. Have a look; you sure would be delighted too.

Old man with cigar spoiled this man’s photoshoot with a celebrity.

tristashtuk -Via

Bikini wedding crasher! Serena Williams Crashed Wedding Wearing Leopard-Print Leotard during the vacation in Miami.


Bound to be photobombed by Aquaman one of these days if you take your pictures in Hawaii.

ericlm -Via

For real guys, Dave Chappelle photobombed our shoot.

jayceebrammer -Via

Bumped into Adam Sandler on Sunday while taking wedding pictures.

mlle_sana_photography -Via

Obama pranking the boy who slept during Father’s Day Ice-Cream Social.

Obama White House -Via

There aren’t many situations you can be in to say that ‘Bill Gates happened on me.’

ew00d -Via

Friend took a fun picture with Elijah Wood.

Jbc0146 -Via

You may be a drunk Tom Hanks fan, but he doesn’t mind.

groucho29 -Via

Mark Hamill pranks ‘Star Wars’ fans with Epic Surprise for Force For Change.

Star Wars -Via

His childhood story: crying loudly while meeting Bill Murray.

shmiggs -Via

Arnold Schwarzenegger pranked visitors and pretended to be a (very real) wax figure.

Arnold Schwarzenegger -Via

Can you see Aaron Paul making it into our Coachella selfie?

arkyde -Via

Shop says Liam Neeson gets free breakfast, so he came to get it.

frmacleod -Via

How Chris Pratt post pictures of him with Jennifer Lawrence because fans asked him to.

prattprattpratt -Via

Johnny Depp was Jack Sparrow as he walked around South East Queensland and took pictures with the local police.

Queensland Police Service -Via

A friend of mine met Fabio and it could only go downhill from there.

Unknown,FuzzyNut -Via

Don’t you hate it when a wild Micheal Cera photobombs on your selfie?

Tresis55 -Via

Girl took a cardboard Danny DeVito to her prom. He replies by taking a cardboard version of her to Paddy’s Pub.

Allison Closs,robmcelhenney -Via

The Rock loves to prank adults and kids when they ask for a sign on their back. He writes on their shirt, flipped the sharpie, and pretended to also write on their head and neck.

therock -Via

Matt Garza decided to photobomb this girl’s once in a lifetime picture!

everymanawildcat -Via

Ken Jeong has the best photobomb face.

hackz -Via

Coul Sprouse has a whole account dedicated to catching fans who pictures of him secretly.

camera_duels -Via

When The Rock photobombs your selfie.

Boshasaurus -Via

Elijah Wood faceplanted on my chest today!

atlasthebat -Via