Rami Malek's Live Aid Performance In 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Is Amazingly Precise

It is alleged that Rami Malek has watched Freddy Mercury's 1985 Live Aid Performance over 1,500 times on YouTube before going on stage and we have to admit, it was a twin performance to the original one - as can be seen when both performances are put side-by-side.

Every hand gesture, step, head movement and even the pursing of his lips match up perfectly with Mercury's during one of the final scenes in the newly released film Bohemian Rhapsody of realities and people on twitter are going bonkers.

One person commented: "These dudes were literally able to recreate the greatest live show ever performed and made a new generation be able to experience it as if they were actually there. This scene literally gave me fucking CHILLS god damnit."

Another said: "They did it precisely that I got confused which is the original and which is the remake. Omg not a sucker for him but daaaang this sure is historical!!!

A third tweeted: "Well it's a biopic, not one bit is supposed to be fictional! It's actually impressive they managed to do it this precisely."

One person even pointed out the detail that went into the set, they said: "Saw this earlier today, so awesome. First thing I did after the movie checked out how accurate the Pepsi and beer were on the piano... spot on."

Watch Bohemian Rhapsody Official Trailer below:

During an interview, Malek spoke about the Live Aid performance, saying he watched the original more than 1,500 times and even had the recording on set with him to get it perfect. He said: "That's something we tried to get the move for move, even just gesture for gesture perfectly.

"It felt like I had it in my bones and I didn't want to keep going back to it. It felt like sometimes you would lose a little bit of the authenticity if you tried to nail it so perfectly."Things won't exactly always match up, there might be a hint of something that's off, but I think that kept it feeling really alive and at the moment and it was better to sacrifice it that way, but yeah, I was watching it non-stop."

He clearly got it to spot on as Malek's overall performance of Mercury has been applauded for its sharp accuracy- down to his accent.

The 37-year-old actor took on the role after Sacha Baron Cohen left the film due to 'creative differences' back in 2010 - and his performance as the Queen frontman, who passed away in 1991, is scarily good.