Kylie Jenner Getting ‘Bored’ During Social Distancing In Her Mansion

One of the best ways to get people to social distance is to have someone they admire or trust to tell them to. Kylie Jenner is one such person for a lot of people that include those who may have not been heeding to professionals' advice or even the government's encouragement. Recently, she shared with her 187 million followers on Instagram on her life during the lockdown and like everyone could guess: it was boring.

Kylie Jenner is home with daughter, Stormi, during the lockdown. And things are looking stale for her.

The 22-year-old is home in her California mansion and she was dressed in black sweatshirt, long nails with fresh pink manicure and light makeup. Added to the Instagram story is the caption: she's bored.

Kylie has often appeared in her typical long, black hair which was extension and part of her huge wig collection. But Kylie actually has the original hair color of light brown and she has been showing that off more lately.

She also bleached her hair with golden brown before.

Kylie was also playing with filters, sharing more selfies and one of them was her with the hoodie on and with the butterfly filter.

But being home-bound is not new for Kylie Jenner. Previously, she kept her baby bump news quiet in 2017 by staying home for 8 months when she was pregnant with Stormi. She said, "I'm on day 8. My pregnancy prepared me for this, I didn't leave the house for months."

People could only confirm the news when she finally gave birth to Stormi on February 1, 2018.

Cute girl mode? Kylie tries to push off the boredom.

She also shares with her followers encouragement and reasons why we should stay home and social distance from others.