Bride Dubbed ‘Selfish’ For Saying Guests Are ‘Dead To Her’ If They Miss Her Wedding

An American has sparked an outrage online after telling wedding guests they are ‘dead to her’ if they miss her wedding due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus

In an original Facebook post, later uploaded on Reddit, the unidentified American-bride-to-be revealed she’s due to walk down the aisle in 37days after spending a huge amount on the big day.

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‘I have largely spent much of dollars. I have been working out, dodging family politics, budgeting, chasing RSVPs, trying my hands on both electrical and wood work, answering millions of emails, drinking a lot of wine as well as managing personalized gifts.’ The bride explained. 

She continued: ‘I fell it’s justified enough in reminding my guests that I don’t care if they miss my wedding due to coronavirus epidemic. You are all dead to me.’

Expectedly, Reddit users were quick to express their opinion on the bride’s uttered words. 

‘I would certainly be mad too, but damn think about other people apart from yourself woman.’ A user wrote.

Some Redditors, who took the screenshot of the bride’s post further revealed the bride had attempted to claim satire after being slammed, adding more fuel to the ongoing.

A second added: ‘Perfect! So any wedding guest that have anything like a chronic diseases should risk their lives by coming to your wedding. I am certain that’s worth the thousands of dollars she’s spent on her own claim.’

‘My cousin’s wedding was scheduled for next weekend, you know what they did? It was reschedule, because they’re smart.’ A third added. 

A fourth raged: ‘A big shout out to my BIL who just canceled their wedding due to coronavirus. Are they disappointed? Is it what needs to be done right? Obviously.’

‘A wedding union in Brazil had just a guest from Aspen and he was positive with corona. Presently, over 200 people are being guided and might have to be tested. So, unless this bride give our hand sanitizer as party gifts.’ A fifth added. 

However, a few expressed sympathy for the bride’s ordeal. 

Appears like an obvious joke to me. Planning a wedding can be stressful even without an ongoing pandemic. Allow people to vent.’ A user wrote.

Another added: ‘I am sure she’s expressing her frustration regarding the situation rather than being serious. I am sure a lot of brides can comprehend with putting in money and time while also dealing with the disappointment from loved ones. It can be out of one’s control sometimes.’