Girl, 21, Claims She Was Banned From Tinder For Being ‘Too Stunning’

People have to be careful when it comes to communicating with strangers online. On Tinder, you have to be even extra careful, because as much as you want to meet a suitable partner, there are people who will show what you want only to come with malicious intent. Yes, you have to be careful and use common sense.

That said, Laura Mundy, 21, finds it quite ridiculous as she was banned from Tinder after multiple users reported her for catfishing. The Leeds-based woman who has only been to 'one date with a co-worker' had actually invested in the dating app. She was on the £7.99 a month subscription plan.

Laura Mundy, 21, was shocked to find out that she's been banned from the dating app 'Tinder'.

The woman said, "I thought I'd try online dating to see if I could find someone to date as my friends have been on there before and been successful. When I joined I had a mixture of filtered and unfiltered pictures."

She added, "I had so many messages saying I was a fake profile and I didn’t think anything of it, but the more messages I got I started to get quite annoyed with it."

That annoyance only piled up with the app as people keep calling her out for being fake and using models' pictures. it's frustrating because... it's her own pictures.

After multiple people said 'You can't be real', she was soon banned as they reported her.

She said, "I found out I was banned when I tried to reply to a couple of messages on Tinder and it would not let me reply. I finally decided to log out and log back in to see if that would work, and that's when the banned message came up."

Tinder never replied nor explain except for saying that she had activities that violates their T&S. "I was so confused so I went through the reasons of why I would have been banned, then I decided to try and appeal against it but I heard nothing back.," Laura explained.

But, it's honestly these men's loss for not giving a chance to trust in her.

And sounds like Tinder needs more work on cross-checking real accounts, especially when they've invested in the app.