Girl Gained 20 Pounds To Change Her Body Figure

Social media, particularly Instagram is a wonderful place to motivate oneself in losing a few pounds. While many times, not everyone wants to lose weight, some women are, however, still taking on an alternative approach to transforming their body figure.

Titled ‘Reserve Transformations’, many women are getting more happier in the bodies, having gained weight through muscle building or by simply following a diet and fitness plan. Fortunately, gaining weight has turned out to be the best answer to good health in all its forms.

So, rather than losing weight, a lady has gained 20 Pounds to change her body figure. Identified as Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang from Vietnam, the lady has embarked on a transformation since the past 2years and shared her story with users on Instagram.

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The Vietnam citizen illustrated just how much her body changed by sharing with users numerous photos on her nstagram page. Revealing how much happier she is now, Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang has ditched the scales and has found herself healthier and stronger. Over the space of two years, Ms. Nguyen gained 20 pounds, has become the best she desired, eats much more food and presently very proud of the physique she has achieved.