Here’s What Smiling Depression Means And What Can Be Done If Someone You Love Has It

When searching for the #faceofdepression hashtag on all social media pages, thousands of photos showing smiling and excited people who are suffering from depression will be seen.

Most of the time, these pictures are shared by the people themselves, while more often are shared by their friends and family who want to help tell the world about the problem – Depression!

While it’s unfortunate that many of these photos are posted when the people smiling scenes are already gone, we at Brighthumanity has decided to tell you what smiling depression is all about.

We’re here to help you recognize it in someone who you love and importantly, how you can assist them to cope with the problem.

‘This was me and my husband with friends before he took his own life. Suicidal thoughts were there, but you would never know.’

© TalindaB / Twitter

Someone suffering from smiling depression implies the person is trying to appear cheerful and excited with others while dying silently inside. They live very active, have social lives, have families, jobs, friends, appear successful and happy, but you never know what’s hiding behind their happy face.

Interestingly, there seems to be a connection between smiling depression and suicidal thoughts. While these people also appear to be energetic and enthusiastic on the surface, they are recognized as desperate and worthless when closed doors.

Right after Chester Bennington, a lead vocalist for Linkin Park took his own life, his wife Talinda posted a picture of him on Twitter days before he passed away. He was sighted smiling and having fun with his family, but no one knew what was his thoughts at that moment. 

‘The Last photo of me and my mom at dinner. She committed suicide a month before my 21st birthday.’

© baileyann5683 / Reddit

While the condition is regarded as a mask of happiness, there are, however, ways at which smiling depression can be noticed in someone you love.

Such signs include unnatural and forced happiness, insomnia, weight and appetite changes, loss of concentration, fatigue, decreased interest in hobbies and activities as well as thinking about negative situations over and over again. 

‘My best friend a week before he committed suicide. It’s best you check on your friends every day. You never can tell what’s there next line of action.’

© TREVZRR / Reddit

Here’s How To Help Someone Who’s Suffering From Smiling Depression:

1.  Help them understand they have a problem.

2. Always be a good listener.

3. Be there for them and help them boost their self-esteem. 

‘The last photo of Robin Williams before he committed suicide in 2014’

© therobinwilliams / Instagram

4. Pay attention to your loved ones, families and friends. 

5. Help them act normal and free 

6. Help depression victims stick to a healthier diet and exercise. 

7. Suggest therapy and medical treatment as well. 

‘The last photo of my kid sister, a month before committing suicide.’

© Bmytoes / Reddit