Bank Worker Quits His Job, Shows Up As Spiderman On His Last Day

While Marvel and Spiderman fans are arguing over who is the best actor that has played Spiderman, a Brazilian man decided to try out the role. Being a Spiderman is not easy, especially with everyone's eyes on you, judging if Tobey Maguire should be the only Spiderman or if the nerd looking Andrew Garfield did it better in portraying the awkwardness. Tom Holland was said too young, so this Brazilian man thinks he's got a shot at this.

He surprised his colleagues on his last day of work by showing them that he's actually Spiderman. The real Spiderman. But he speaks Brazilian.

This man is known to have quit his job according to an imgur post by ksguile. Taking the chance, he decided to cosplay as Spiderman to his workplace. Not sure how if he got there to suit up.

His colleages were, of course, entertained. The day became very light and cheerful because it's not everyday do you see a hero work as a banker. Sadly, he works in the back office as an analyst and customers missed this precious moment.

But, hey, it's all good, all great. He quit his job because he found something better and it certainly improved the mood of the office!

Someone Instagrammed the employee with the caption: ‘Last day of work and this person is driving the boss mad.’ The boss may have been mad but to the delight of his fellow bankers, his superhero role included handing out candy to everyone.

If you have watched Spider-verse, it would not be hard to relate to the quote: if you don the mask, you too can be Spider-Man.

By the way, here's a picture of a chilling Spider-Man.

A lot of people had to agree to the way this man lives his life.