Millennials Share A list Of Things Generation Z Don't Have A Clue, And It Will Make You Feel Old

The ongoing discussion between millennials and baby boomers is not ending any time soon. While millennials are accusing the new generation of trying to destroy the economy and in essence the whole world, the young blood hits back by blaming them on literally any inconvenience they got while growing up. Just when the rest of the world is beginning to understand what this fighting is all about, a new generation has emerged and their presence is starting to be felt in ripples. The Generation z is made up of people born between the mid-1990s to mid2000s. This new generation is trying to find cooler ways of destroying the world

Funny thing though; Even though millennials and generation Z literally grew up together, there is a list of things that the Genz have no clue about. If you ask us, some of these things make the millennials look really old.


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