50 Amazing Beard Transformations That Turned An Average Joe Into A Model

You don’t have to look farther to recognize an epic beard transformation. Facial hair has been part and parcel of grooming since the dawn of human civilization. Women have pounds of makeup, eyelashes, and ammunition of equipment to trim the brows. Well, for guys, it’s the beard and mustache, and you won’t have to qualify for the Beard and mustache championship to spot the works of a talented barber.

We have a photo compilation of men who undergo an amazing transformation. With a careful trim here and there, these guys have transformed into amazing versions of themselves you couldn’t possibly imagine. A couple of snips and the average Joe is turned into a model face ready for the GQ cover page.

#1 My Barber Is A Goddamn Hero

WalterWhiteBoy16 -Via

#2 Homeless Man’s Unbelievable Transformation Into “Hipster”

Salva Garcia -Via

#3 Decided I Was Ready For Little Change

harrisonviz -Via

#4 I Promised My Stylist A Good Before And After

CdrAmerica -Via

#5 Had To Clean It Up A Lil Bit After Eight Months


#6 Trimmed My 4 Year Beard Down For Work. Left 4 Years And Right My New Trim

gnarledout -Via

#7 Long(Ish) Vs. Short


#8 Some People Don't Appreciate The Work Involved In A Neat And Tidy Beard! Here Is A Before And After My 15 Minute Daily “Grooming” Routine

bearded_vooligan -Via

#9 Before And After


#10 Before And After Haircut And Beard Trim

adamcalderone -Via

#11 Epic Haircut And Beard Transformation

victory_barber -Via

#12 Yesterday I Decided To Clean Up My Two Year Beard

BigMacMcCoy -Via

#13 I Cut My Hair And Beard

filt -Via

#14 Got A Haircut And Trim From The Art Of Shaving. I Went From Charles Manson To Dapper Manson

mudxorz -Via

#15 Nick Got A Makeover Today

the_boulevard_barber_shop -Via

#16 My Boyfriend Let Me Try Trimming His Beard And It Actually Turned Out Alright

puremusic82 -Via

#17 3 Year Beard To 3 Year Stache

ocman21 -Via

#18 Big Change!

lowells_barbershop -Via

#19 Before And After

moneeca -Via

#20 This Man Spent Years Perfecting His Beard-Beautifying Regime — Until One Day When It All Became Too Much

Tej Swatch -Via

#21 It Was About Time For A Trim And A Haircut. Loving The Results (Before + After Pic)

Cythero-CyberToke -Via

#22 Before And After

Greizen_bregen -Via

#23 Figured My Demi-Yeard (And Hair) Needed Some Serious TLC

imgur -Via

#24 Beard Transformation

gentlemensshop -Via

#25 Last Month I Turned 40 And Got A Haircut And Beard Trim

blankbaby -Via

#26 Getting Married Tomorrow. Decided To Clean It Up A Bit

haryson24 -Via

#27 My Before & After A Trim. Sorely Needed, Immensly Pleased!

kadaarn -Via

#28 Just A Little Beard Trim On My Dad

theupdobabe -Via

#29 I Just Took A 15 Minute Challenge

gazraa -Via

#30 Subtle Transformation

gentlemensshop -Via