Guy Won’t Stop Photoshopping Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Pics And It's Hilariously Perfect

Kirby thinks he is Kendall's twin brother, but he really thinks he is. Well, at least in some of the pictures below, he does think he is and mentions how his mother used to think of him and her as "Siegfried & Roy but with fewer tiger attacks and even more magic tricks,". Funny thing is that these pictures actually look legit, most of them look very smooth.

The funny things are that Kirby has done not just one or two, but hundreds of these pictures and aside from the fact that he looks ambitious and little nuts in some of them, he has some skills there. A lot of people praise Kirby for his really smooth editing skills - from similar fashion sense to actually blending in the lighting, shadow and everything with Kendall's pictures. To be honest, we don't want him to stop doing these things and let him be Kendall's twin for a little while longer.

"As my older twin sister, Kendall and I share an unbreakable bond. Mom says we’re kinda like Siegfried & Roy but with fewer tiger attacks and even more magic tricks," Kirby said." And to be honest, I really look up to Kendall. She does a lot for the fam, recycles all of her bottles and cans, and even has a gorgeous singing voice (baritone). She also supports all of my failed business and pipe dreams. We’re actually thinking of starting a microwave business where it’s kinda like “Pimp My Ride” but with microwaves instead of cars. Could be a dope TV show..."

You could say they're inseparable. I mean, they appear on the red carpet together, they even eat pizza together. And if you didn't know Kirby is just a Kardashian fan with godlike photo editing skills, you might just believe his lies. Innocent and fun little lies.

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