The Strongest Women Are The Women With Anxiety

No one understands the struggles she’s been having with anxiety. She battles each day, quietly- yet bravely. She has refused to be a victim of the perpetual struggles in her head, because, in her heart, she understands that there’s more to life than the demons in her head.

She holds up her head high despite her mind boiling with chaos. She’s a strong girl because she’s mastered the courage to deal with a mental illness that takes a lot more than strength to survive.


Over time, she has learned how to cope with her debilitating condition, using every trick at her disposal to calm her racing heart.

She knows how important it is to push forward because she can’t allow the condition to dictate her life. Giving up is not part of her vocabulary. Like any other person, she has goals and dreams she hopes to realize one day.

Yes, sometimes anxiety weighs her down, and in unlucky instances, it wins. But in most times, she’s able to taps into her internal energy reserve and fight back with nothing to lose.

Battling anxiety drains the life out of her, but she doesn’t back down. Some days are hard enough to get through, and it feels as if she’s drowning, but deep down she understands that its only temporary. She does her best to ride the wave until the unnecessary fear, self-consciousness, and apprehension calms down and slowly fades into the darkness.

Even in pitch-black darkness, she doesn’t lose hope. She grabs onto hope tightly, takes a deep breath and calmly waits for the light to guide her out for the darkness.

Brave and strong-willed, she gets comforted by the soft words her heart whispers when she can’t handle what life throws at her. It reminds her of how important, she is to this world.

She never takes the easy way because she’s been trained to push through and be her own hero. Her battles are tough and soul-draining, but she refuses to concede to anxiety. She understands that it takes a lot of power and resilience to push through life when anxiety is constantly knocking on your door.