55 Hilarious Kids Who Have Absolutely No Idea How Funny They Are

Raising a kid is not as easy as it may seem. No doubt they are cute and make everything worth at the end but they also give you endless laughs without even realizing it. There are no minds that work quite like that of a child when it comes to mischief. There is something that channels your inner creativity, sometimes to the chagrin of others. 

Like for instance kids informing random strangers their pants are down to staging funerals these children in our list is proof that kids can be the funniest comedian in a matter of seconds. Whether it's intentional or not they can make you laugh like no one else.

#1 "When Your 3-Year-Old Tells Man At Mc'Donalds That His Pants Are Falling Down" (Friend's Photo)

imblackgrapes -Via

#2 My Daughter's Christmas List

mmmel -Via

#3 This Kid Was A Fart For Halloween

toddminus -Via

#4 My Friend's Daughter Made Him A Birthday Card

sayblacktrees -Via

#5 Just 4 Things!

starrynitess -Via

#6 My 11-Year-Old Has Started Drawing Fat, Middle Aged Batman At The Beach And It's Everything You Never Knew You Needed In Life

knittymcknitpants -Via

#7 My Old School Asked Kids In Preschool What They Wanted To Be When They Grew Up

AstroCat16 -Via

#8 Toddler Says: "Heck This"

RamonaQ -Via

#9 When I Babysit My Niece She Makes Me Play Operation. Her Favorite Part Is When She Dies And We Have A Funeral For Her

yoilovetrees -Via

#10 Toddler Was Asked To Feed The Cat

Josh_Lyman -Via

#11 My Daughter Has Been Picking Her Own Clothes And Watching Her Big Brother Get On The Bus

MatthewSmith58 -Via

#12 Scientific Evidence

RogueDadMD -Via

#13 Barbie House Rules

ivaayz -Via

#14 My Mom Said This Was One Of My Favorite Things To Do As A Child

gronkaflomarous -Via

#15 At 5 Months Old My Son Already Has The Best School Photo Ever

kimay124 -Via

#16 My Friend's Son Struggling To Pick Up A Book

Jafooolie -Via

#17 I Might Need To Have A Talk With My Daughter, But I'm Not Sure What I'd Even Say

SlightlyStable -Via

#18 My 7-Year-Old Sister Loves Dinosaurs But My Parents Got Her A Dollhouse For Christmas. This Is What I Came Home To Tonight

breebs27 -Via

#19 How I Find Out That My Son Tried To Access My Tablet

fulminic -Via

#20 I Too Have A Daughter Going Places

MentalSewage -Via

#21 Lil Sister Weird

nicktooswaggy -Via

#22 Our 6-Year-Old "Ran Away" Yesterday So We Told Him We Love Him And To Come Back If He Needs Anything. He Came Back And Took The Cat

NuggLife_ -Via

#23 I'm A 42-Year-Old Male - I Grew Up With Female Cousins - Look What Those B**ches Used To Do To Me

SiPee -Via

#24 My Friend Got Her Daughter's Basketball Team Pictures Today

justgivemepizza -Via

#25 Feared The Worst When My Marine-Turned-Cop Neighbor Called Me Saying "Come Quick... My Kids... There's B*inaudible* Everywhere... Wife's Gone..."

LongtimeLesbianLurker -Via

#26 My 2-Year-Old Just Handed Me This Action Figure And Asked Me If It Was My Mother-In-Law

shittersfull -Via

#27 "Gently Kiss The Dolphin"

gothamsbatman -Via

#28 Daughter Hacker

bhgreeley -Via

#29 My 3 -Year-Old Nephew Asked If Grandma Bear Was Talking On Skype

GooseCharmer -Via

#30 In The Hospital With Pancreatitis, This Is The Get Well Soon Card And My Daughter Drew For Me

Trogdor_a_Burninator -Via