People Are Sharing Crazy Moments And The Level Of Insanity Is Savage

Nothing lasts forever, except memories. They form part of us and we are incomplete without them. However, these memories may not always be nice. See, sometimes life throws us darts that take us by surprise. These moments pin us the wall and make us want to throw in the towel, but most often after they’ve passed, they make for the best stories.

If it’s a consolation, they don’t last for long and from what we’ve learned when something crazy happens in your life; don’t lose the moment instead, pull out your camera.

We have compiled pictures that depict hilarious scenes with just the right amount of insanity.

1. “I thought I’d give my coworkers a nice surprise.”

© Amanda Jessop / Twitter -Via

2. “I found a black widow in my grapes. So much for pesticides.”

© AndyMcStick / Imgur -Via

3. The clean-up crew

4. “The door won’t close. Why’s that, I wonder?”

© Diyhomefit / Twitter -Via

5. “My robo-vacuum tried to clean up my dog’s mess.”

© Jacksonkeirmclean / Reddit -Via

6. “I wanted the package delivered to my door, not through my window.”

© Rasberrywaffles / Imgur -Via

7. “Maybe my kid isn’t done with diapers.”

© Spodiz / Reddit -Via

8. “Went to class with this today really thinking I had grabbed my laptop off the kitchen counter.”

© AbbyDermody / Twitter -Via

9. Sure, there’s the abominable snowman, but have you heard of the abominable snowdog?

© andrewvanwyngarden / Imgur -Via

10. Pools don’t make good garages.

© Redondo Carwash / twitter -Via