Cadbury’s Launching 783 White Creme Eggs And You Can Win £10K If You Find One

After a great festive season filled with self-indulgence with alcohol, chocolate, and turkey, most people will have to eat healthy at the top of their new year’s resolutions. This self-promise to stay away from unhealthy foods and snacks is threatened by Cadbury who are offering a huge bounty for eating chocolate.

Having a sweet tooth or not, most people will use this as an excuse to give up a chocolate-free journey two days into 2019.

The company is launching 783 white crème Eggs, concealed under ordinary wrappers waiting for a few lucky individuals who will get the chance to win one of the eight huge 10K pound rewards.



The deal has been made better, in the event that your egg is not worth the 10k grand prize, each and every white chocolate egg is eligible for some amount of money. With 50, 100, and 1000 pounds prizes up for grabs.

The promotion is set to start on January 14th where chocolate lovers will scramble for the sweet treats as they keep an eye for the special white ones. After all, they are being paid for spoiling themselves.


Cadbury increased its prize money from 2000 pounds last year to the 10,000 pounds, so it might be worth forking out some bills for a chance to win even more while still giving yourself a treat.

However, finding the eggs won’t be an easy affair as Cadbury has made it known that only a few dozen white eggs will be available. They can be found at Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Co-op, Sainsbury’s, One stop shops and a few other private retailers.

Those lucky enough to uncover a white egg will not have to worry about postponing their chocolate cravings as only the wrapper is required to claim the prize.


Ambitious individuals with time to spare could adopt a clever trick of searching for the white egg by checking each product’s ingredients on the wrapper. To make it fun, Cadbury is hiding pictures of Crème Eggs in adverts on Television and could even appear in other brands’ adverts. One only needs to snap a picture of the egg and send it to Cadbury to get a chance of winning the prize.

Spotting a picture on TV guarantees a milk chocolate Crème Egg voucher and if luck is on your side, you could even land a white chocolate egg.