Wife Of The Jawless Man Talk About Horrible Cheating And Attention-Seeking Accusations From Strangers

Vania is the wife of Joseph Williams, a man who made headlines weeks ago for sharing his story of being born without a jaw and finding true love despite the odds. The 39-year-old woman had been the one who broke the myth for the man, but now, she's facing repercussions for marrying someone that people deemed way under her caliber.

Vania from Chicago and Williams tied the knot in 2020, against most strangers' expectations.

Williams was born with otofacial syndrome, a rare condition that left him without a jaw or chin. As many could guess, the man had to go through horrible bullying at school and couldn't find love due to "low self-esteem" and the feeling of worthlessness that bogged him down.

But Vania came into his life and proved him wrong. She "never dated anyone with a disability" and wasn't sure of herself, but over time, her feelings changed.

"Getting to know Joe over time, I didn't see his face anymore; I just saw his spirit, his personality."


However, things weren't completely smooth-sailing with so many skeptical opinions and scrutinizing eyes, especially on Vania, that often gets accused of "cheating on him." Others say they're doing what they do "for attention" and would ask if they could kiss or be intimate.

Vania shared, "When we go out together, it's basically just stares; people pull out their phone sometimes recording or taking pictures, but they never say anything, just staring."

Vania's family was always supportive, aside from her mother, who was worried that she might have to care for him 24/7. But Williams, who was put up for adoption due to his physical deformation, has learned many life skills that allowed him to live as normal of a life as possible.

"I have a tube in my neck, called a trachea, which helps me breathe. And I was taught sign language when I was two years old to help me communicate. However, since then I have also found other ways to help me communicate such as making notes and typing into my phone. I have a tube in my stomach which I can place blended food into, but this means that I have never tasted food."

The mother soon realized that her fear was unfounded as Vania revealed, "[Joseph] doesn't need my help with anything."


So many assumptions and prejudice. But they love each other, and that's all that matters for them.