23 Brides-To-Be completely Trusted This Makeup Artist To Look Enchanting

Every woman's dream is to look beautiful on her wedding day! And the people in Kosovo seem lucky because they have a makeup artist named Arber Bytyqi who does magic with faces. The beauty influencer has a unique strategy when attending to his clients – he begins by asking what kind of occasion they are getting their makeup done for. 

Arber also asks his clients if they have any specific requests, for example, if they want a natural or a dramatic look. He further asks what dress they are wearing as the ensemble's design and its details tell the makeup artist the style of the look his client is going for. Doing all this helps Arber to be able to analyze their facial features. We've compiled his newest for your glance. Have a look, and enjoy!

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When Arber finished high school, he wanted to become a makeup artist, but his family opposed the idea. In his culture, a male in the beauty industry is considered taboo, but now, he and his team serve more than thousands of brides or more clients and the summer, in particular, is a tedious season for wedding makeup. 







In particular, Arber’s team comprises 25 people [15 makeup artists and 10 hair stylists]. Some are full-time employees, while a few people work part-time. Arber’s skills are so good that he’s turned his name into a well-known brand. His following on social media has also grown to become phenomenal, boasting over 500K followers on Instagram.








Arber has been transforming women for almost a decade and remains passionate about his craft. According to the professional artist, the best part of his job is watching women's priceless reactions when they see how they look. We only but can imagine what it would be like for his clients; indeed, his incredible talent can’t be ignored. 






Which of these before and after photos do you like most? Besides, what do you think of the makeup artist’s skill?