50 Pics Show That Japan is Not Like Any Other Country

#25 These are fake foods that the restaurants display

#26 The seat can be used as a toilet in an emergency

#27 There are over 300 scramble intersections where you can cross the street diagonally

#28 The ATM have cane holders due to the aging population

#29 The hotel apologies for a min internet stoppage at 4 AM

#30 There are stands to hold the smartphone so you can take pictures

#31 This is Japan

#32 The cans have the names written in Braille

#33 People stayed behind after The FIFA World Cup 2014 Match to help the workers clean up

#34 The manhole covers in Japan

#35 There are seats attached for baby in the bathroom

#36 You can wash your hand here and the water will go back into the flush tank

#37 The students do the cleaning

#38 The food woman get after delivery

#39 This is how smooth the bullet train is in Japan

#40 This is how people apologize even if you are not there

#41 Get it?

#42 The shopping center has free refrigerated lockers for your perishables so you can keep shopping after you get your groceries

#43 In Tokyo they give you free origami instead of candy

#44 Even the deer are polite in Japan

#45 The smartphone wiper dispenser

#46 The commuters waiting for their train

#47 When you order things from Japan

#48 The the ground crew bows and waves goodbye to the departing aircraft

#49 The staff at the airport sorted luggage on the belt by their colour

#50 This is how people in Japan wait