Woman’s Hilarious Explanation For Not Shaving Her Armpits Goes Viral

Each time Jada Travis shaves, it naturally causes her underarms to scratch. So the 24-Year-Old decided to stop shaving three years ago. Jada took to TikTok to explain her decision as a way to send a message to all of the people who make negative comments about her grooming habits. 

The North-Carolina based often gets judged by people living near her in the South of the United States.

“I want to talk about my armpit hair today,' she began her post while raising her arms to show off her hair. “And I'm going to send this video to every single person that constantly talks about it. I have not shaved my armpits in three years. That's a long time, and I'm ready to talk about why,” Jada stated.

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She added we’re literally on a floating rock, so nothing matters and people should be able to do whatever they want that makes them happy.

Jada continued: “Allow me to show you the demonstration of what I have drawn this morning,” while holding up a roughly-drawn picture of planet Earth and other planets. “This is us. We are on a floating rock, OK?! This is us on a floatin' rock, and we literally just go like this with all the other floatin' rocks all year round.”

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She then addressed the cruel treatment she receives from strangers, saying if she travels into the city, no one will look at her, but if she heads into Cowboy County or the Dollar General Store, people are shocked by her appearance.

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“I lift up my arm to pay; it's like the whole place is like, "Oh my god!" And y'all don't even have teeth. Why are you worried about using a razor? No offense - if you don't have teeth, that's OK. But you shouldn't be crappy about somebody's armpit hair.” Jada insisted she doesn’t want to shave a part of her body that bends because the hair will grow back three hours later and scratch her, likening it to creating sandpaper. 

She went on: “If you wanna shave your armpits, I don't give a crap. But I don't wanna shave mine. I shaved mine for like ten years straight. Every single day, and it just don't matter.”

“We're on a floatin' rock. So, floating rock, nothing matters, do what you want. Have your armpit hair, I don't care,” Jada concluded and opined the key to happiness is to do whatever you want and not let anyone get in your way. Instantly, her clip amassed over 4.7million views, with people branding her a hero. Notably, Jada's TikTok was made out of the desire to let all her feelings out, and she wanted to make a joke out of all the people sending her ill will.

Here’s How People Have Since Reacted To Jada’s Clip: