Man Who Moved To Canada To Live With His New Girlfriend Break Up With Her In 13 Days

Terrance declared that he found the love of his life back in May. The 23-year-old and his girlfriend, Alisa, went viral on the internet for their whirlwind romance that soon saw Alisa flying first to meet him in Toronto. Two hundred thirty miles later, the two met for the first time in Terrance's hometown, Detroit.

But not even two months later, Terrance shared that he's broken up with Alisa approximately 13 days after they started living together.


Terrance, who keeps things lighthearted, shared about the news and quote-tweeted his own viral post to "show others what not to do." Apparently, he had a tattoo of Alisa on his neck just weeks after meeting her the first time. Now staying in Atlant, Georgia, Terrance has expressed his wish to cover up the tattoo.

The viral tweet shocked people as they moved very fast, with Terrance sharing his plans to move to Canada for Alisa. He added that he's very sure of building a family with her. But things did not go out well, especially since their story went viral.

He attributed her friends being the cause of the breakup and shared, "For me to be there and to have her crying almost every other day, saying 'my friends said this and now I'm sad', it was just so much stress."

He then asked Alisa to cut off her friends and she did block them. But then woke up the next morning and unblock the two of them, which meant the nagging continued. He added, "Her friends were a big problem."

Terrance also shared that her friends had accused him of starting an Instagram page that criticized a birthday party they threw. He cleared that up, but she proceeded to "made up a whole load of stuff."

That's how he decided to move out because Alisa wasn't going to "cut out the toxic people" in her life.

He shared his side of the story, "So I just left, I chose to leave. The situation was getting too toxic. I hadn't even been there for a month."

"If she didn't want to cut them off, I didn't want to be there. We were going to get married and have kids. I didn't want these people around my kids or at my wedding. I can't be fake."

Terrance who also thought that Alisa probably also "wanted" him to leave, added that he's not really "mad" about the situation. He continued to gush over her, saying she was a sweet girl and he doesn't mean to bash her or anything.

Alisa also commented that it seemed people thought they were "moving too fast" because Terrance was a foreigner.

She shared, "I think if we didn't live countries apart, people wouldn't have thought it was a fast process. But because we live in different places, everybody was like 'oh gosh, they did that?'"