Mom Moons The Crowd After Faceplanting During Parents’ Race At Daughter’s School

Katie Hannaford would remember the day she ran for her eight-year-old daughter at the Parents' Day event. The 36-year-old's reddened face was the result of her flashing her buttocks at the crowd after she, unfortunately, tripped on the grass field.

It was her daughter who convinced her to run at the school located in Basildon, Essex.


A lot of moms were wearing dresses for a Sunday day out, including Katie who was dressed in a pretty blue dress. A hilarious clip showed her running at the top of her speed to win the race when she suddenly tripped.

The barefooted racer couldn't manage her fall and faceplant before the crowd who gasped.


And while everyone else was overtaking her, people's attention was aimed at her lower half completely revealed. The clip became a viral, hilarious moment as people told her there's no need to be ashamed for spending some quality time with her daughter!

One user commented, "I think this is a 'crack'ing good effort posting this and a great view for the kids."

"Omg Katie more I watch it more I laugh," wrote another.

"I was humiliated at the time, but it is what it is! I flashed my underwear which is obviously embarrassing but you just have to own it," she shared.


"Looking back, it's hilarious - definitely the funniest thing I've ever done in my life!"


She really owned it and shared the clip herself with the caption, "When the kids got more at sports day than they were expecting! Haha. If you can’t laugh at yourself then what’s life about ay! Sorry kiddo’s and anyone else watching!"