21 Women Who Ditched The Razor And Found Happiness

Have you ditched the razors yet? Statically speaking, some people are unhappy with shaving their body/facial hair, especially as a shave often leaves them with burns and red bumps. And while they’re still benched on clearing the hair all out due to beauty standards that dictate how women should look, many have stopped purchasing razors, letting their natural hair grow out. 

For the women compiled below, ditching the razor has become one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. As you read through their stories, alongside photos of them with their body hair, they no doubt will inspire you to love and embrace yourself the way you are! It’s also guaranteed they will give you just the confidence you need to finally take the bold step of being your true self. Have a look and enjoy!

“I Honestly Love Having Unshaven Pits In The Summer. I Love The Reactions I Get & How Nervous Some People Are Around A Woman Who Won’t Follow Social Norm.”

mmmickeyy -Via

“Natural Just Feels Best.”

switchycreature -Via

“Feeling Very Beautiful With My Armpit Hair.”

cherrythemistress -Via

“Razor Free Since October And Loving It!”

Holiday36 -Via

“Natural Light, Natural Body.”

pansyisinsane -Via

“My Summer Superpower. I Glow Under The Sun Thank To This Bright Blond Fur.”

Nebsko -Via

“Spring Outfits And Fuzzy Armpits.”

_justs0megirl -Via

“The Hairy Life Is Better.”

ginger_knickers -Via

“Razor Free Since 7/2020...So Free.”

randyrabbit1983 -Via

“Razors Can Hit The Road.”

aliceabsolute -Via

“Before I Felt Sorry When I Went Out To The Street Now I Really Feel Pretty Being Hairy.”

Ponyhairy -Via

“So Glad To Be Razor Free & Natural. When I Realized At 20 That I Had Never Seen My Body In Its Natural State I Was Aghast. I Had To Make A Change & Am So Glad I Did.”

mmmickeyy/ -Via

“Dresses Compliment My Leg Hair Beautifully.”

Thepinkknitter -Via

“I Wear My Body Hair With Pride When I’m In Public.”

NatashaxKaur -Via

“Haven’t Shaved In Over 2 Years And I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Shave Again.”

cherrythemistress -Via

“Gotten To A Point Where I Completely Forget That Having Armpit Hair Is Uncommon.”

mmmickeyy -Via

“Happy And Hairy! I Kept All The Things I Enjoyed About Being A "Girly Girl" (Makeup, High Heels, Manicures) And Ditched The Things I Didn't (Razors!!!).”

EmeraldAddams -Via

“Don't Be Normal, Be You!”

efiwfsn -Via

“For A Long Time I Was Embarrassed To Wear Short Sleeves On The Street.”

abbysunny -Via

“I Can’t Wait Until It’s Warm Enough To Wear This Dress Outside.”

Holiday36 -Via

“I Just Want To Say For Any Women/Enbies Dealing With Rude Comments And Looks From Strangers About Their Body Hair: Try Not To Worry About Them, They’re Showing Their Own Insecurity & Lack Of Knowledge— Not Yours!”

hairylilswitch1996 -Via