Mom-Of-Two Left Devastated After Microblading Treatment Went Horribly Wrong

Texan mom-of-two is absolutely devastated when her microblading session absolutely ruined her look. The 37-year-old blamed the doctor who refused to admit to their mistake and is now stuck with the botched job for at least the next year.

The dental hygienist had gone for a microblading session to reduce the time she needs to get ready as a mom and career woman.

But she never imagined that they'd go this bad. She shared the story on Instagram to warn others of the practitioner, whom she said was "family."

"I had been thinking about getting microblading on my eyebrows for quite some time," shared the woman. "As a busy mother, I found that trying to fill in my brows and make sure they were the right shape took so long. I thought that having microblading would be a great idea."

"I never in a million years could have guessed that they would have turned out like they did. It was horrifying. When my three-year-old daughter saw me the following day, she actually got frightened and freaked out."

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"I'm now having to have removal sessions to try and break down the pigment and I may have to have laser treatment. It could take up to a year to get them looking better."

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She shared that she had her first microblading session back in November, but it failed because of bleeding and the pigment didn't stay. So she went for another session in December, but it didn't work because, despite the amazing result, the pigment didn't stay.

"The semi-permanent make-up artist said she did some research on how she could get the pigment to stay better and talked about the nanoblading technique."

Eventually, she got her turn in April when the equipment finally arrived, and she got the treatment "late and last minute." While they were chatting, Crystal noticed the mapped-out brows looked too thick and told her that she didn't want them like that.

"I said that I just wanted my brows to be filled in rather than made any bigger. I was reassured they wouldn't be too thick because she would be filling in within the lines. I was in a great mood, and I couldn't wait to see my eyebrows," she continued.

She could feel the blades going "a little too much" but decided to trust the process. A few hours later, the artist told her "not to freak out."

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She recalled her words, "She thought she might have gone too high with the hair stroke, but it was fine because she would order remover to correct it."

"When I took that first glance in the mirror I couldn't believe my eyes. It was horrifying."

She started looking for help soon when she realized that her case is worse than most she could find online. Crystal found Her Velvet Hands in Houston and booked for emergency removal. She also got the saline solution to break down the pigment from Botch Ink.

Her latest attempt was visiting Beverly Hills Microblading in California, located about 2,5k miles away from her home in Houston.

She's signed up and had just gone to her second removal session with Erica Kovitz. She said, "She is committed to helping me on this reversal journey and has even set up a GoFundMe page for travel expenses that I will incur for the remainder of the process."

"I am in the stage of waiting for that to scab over. It's all a waiting game. I am trying to figure out what I will do next. It could take up to a year of removals and laser to get it sorted."

While this isn't a story that she liked sharing, she hoped that this could warn others against hiring artists that aren't professional.

"Although it is embarrassing to share my story, I hope it makes people realize how important it is to check credentials and show artists that are getting into the field that their clients are real people that have to deal with the consequences," Crystal warned others.