Gen Z Women Are Ditching The Razor To Normalize Body Hair Boldly

Everyone grows body hair! It is saddening that the natural phenomenon has become stigmatized as gross for women. It has also been viewed as ugly. For a very long time, women have been subjected to shaving their body and facial hair as a mark of feminism, even when, in reality, no one, including YOU, should have to seek value for your body hair. Thankfully, Gen Z is raising their voices, preaching against the beauty standard while insisting that body hair is beautiful and people should be proud of it. 

Since COVID-19 emerged two years ago, more ladies have equally given up on hair dye, taking to TikTok to show off their all-natural approach to grooming while using the hashtag #bodyhairisnatural. A Body Image Study had, however, reported that 35% of their participants have no preferences if women shave or not, while 7% said they shouldn’t shave. But respondents aged 18 and 35 confessed they either found armpit hair attractive or didn’t care if a woman had it. Regardless, it’s about time we NORMALIZE it.

Bethany Burgoyne, 30, embraced her body hair after ditching the razor in 2018. She’s proud of it and has permitted growth in other body areas, including her bikini, chin, and stomach.

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@angelicakeele is normalizing not shaving to break the cycle of beauty expectations. Hairy or not, she believes there's much more to someone’s worth and their beauty.

@hairywombman has insisted: “I’m married to my high school sweethearts, and he adores my body hair just as much I do.”

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Sydney Jordan isn’t willing to shave, and that’s part of her brand. Her agent regularly warns that body hair isn’t industry standard, but the 25-Year-Old isn't bothered.

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Model Elyanna Sanchez has insisted that body hair is something that feels natural and certainly a part of her modeling career. The 25-Year-Old Instagram influencer people never cared if she shaved her body.

The model had appeared in a 2019 underwear Ad for Calvin Klein, showing off her fluffy underarms.

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Thankfully, some men are now using their privilege to toss the gender expectation for women to be hairless.

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Chante Glover first started growing out her body hair in 2016 and at the time felt pretty alone in her friend’s group. However, she has now: "Find having body hair to be a sign of confidence and adulthood.”

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Many women have long felt that they are not worth anything if they don’t fit into a specific body appearance. Thankfully, @dani_thelight isn’t one of such women as she’s VERY confident of her body hair.

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There’s nothing that can be compared to feeling comfortable without having to trade your health for some commercialized beauty standards.

UK-based razor brand Sunny had written in their tagline: “To shave or not to shave, it’s no biggie, is it? Prickly or smooth, it won’t change the world.”

@nataliamuchova Guess what? I have hairy legs too!

“Choosing not to remove my facial hair doesn’t make me or any other woman ugly,” Joanna Kenny stated.

This is for the trolls who still think beauty companies would continue to show clean-shaven women in their adverts.

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@unleashyoursuperpowers has shown that body hair can be turned into works of art, and a way of asserting that body hair is a gift and not a curse.

Virali Patel stopped shaving after 20 years. Now, the 28-Year-Old insisted that smooth skin being sexy and having hair makes women look manly and unworthy of love isn’t VERY TRUE.

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@hazlsradworld has reiterated via her TikTok clips that being oneself is choosing what’s right without people inserting their judgments on you.

@hazlsradworld Body hair is beautiful!