16 Women Bravely Show What’s Hiding Behind Their 'Perfect' Instagram Photos

It's worth knowing that the reality behind an Instagram life reflects the perfection of the scene. There’s literally no such thing as a perfect world or photos, and thankfully, some people are proving that these living standards are simply unrealistic and harmful. Some girls have decided to show the internet the ugly truth behind Instagram posts by breaking these impossible standards.

In a hilarious side-by-side comparison, these ladies show the same or similar situation in reality and how they looked in a perfect Instagram world. From putting on red lipstick and finding the right angle and posture, they’ve shown the honest reality that we all try to hide behind many filters and the right composition. Of a truth, real beauty has many facets, and very few are brave enough to express them all, but these ladies [compiled below] deserve an applaud.

Photos You Post Vs. Photos You're Tagged In.

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Transformation Nearly Complete.

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Profile Picture Vs. Tagged Picture.

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Ever Met With A Princess?

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Can You Believe It’s The Same Person?

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There Are Two Kinds Of Instagram Photos For Women.

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Get Yourself A Girl Who Can Do Both.

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Instagram Vs. Reality.

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Would You Have Thought She’s This Size?

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My #OnTinderAtTinder Or The Night Of A Tinder Date Vs. The Morning After A Tinder Date.

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Beautiful Woman Vs. When Ugly Face Is Made.

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Profile Pic Vs. Tagged Photo.

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Photo On Instagram [Left] Vs. In Reality.

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The Difference: In The Day Vs. In The Morning.

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The Neck Says It All!

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Instagram Vs. Reality.

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