Israeli Artist's 30 Metaphorical Illustrations About Life And Relationship

We're going to be honest and tell you that Yuval Robichek's doesn't have the prettiest art. They're not the kind that you enjoy for the aesthetics, but you'll definitely love the hidden message and cleverly crafted jokes and messages in his illustrations. They're so simple, and that's why they are so appealing when you are looking for simple entertainment yet tickles your fancy; you'll love his works.

Below are 30 of the illustrator's latest works that we'd love our readers to enjoy. Scroll on and stay tuned for more of his works!

1. Downtime.

2. Pieces of you.

3. Sunset

4. You complete me.

5. You're special.

6. Take flight.

7. The legs to my spider.

8. My Hearts a Stereo.

9. Just another night.

10. Who do you want me to be?

11. Our sweet dream.

12. PDA during the pandemic.

13. Taking a break.

14. Raining.

15. What he wouldn't do.

16. The Google Map explorer.

17. Invisible.

18. Searching high and low.

19. We need time.

20. In love?

21. Love can move mountains.

22. I just haven't met you, yet.

23. When you're tired, take a break.

24. A family.

25. My other half.

26. Just passing by.

27. Motivation.

28. The small things.

29. We got you.

30. Won't you give that to me?