Traveller Exposed Truths Behind ‘Perfect’ Instagram Pics By Flaunting Curves

Danielle Jo Lee was conscious of her body during her teenage days and compared herself to other girls. But she soon realized that every person on Earth is beautiful in their way. Whether it’s a size six or size 14, Danielle has urged we should all be confident within ourselves and help out each other. 

Danielle proudly flaunted her curves, revealing the ‘perfect’ Instagram selfies.

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The 23-Year-Old has claimed it’s important to love oneself and be proud of their imperfections. Taking to TikTok, Danielle exposed the selfie tricks that she has now come across on the internet. As she leans to show off her flawless makeup, she urged: “Don’t let these Instagram models fool you; it’s all fake.”

Taking to TikTok, the 23-Year-Old urged her audience not to be fooled by Instagram models.

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“Be proud of your flaws and love yourself; you are beautiful.” She insisted.

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“But yet when we look at them, it makes us hate ourselves. Because why don’t we look like that? The truth is, they that don’t look like that either.” Danielle then stood up and showed her fans her natural curves and even gave a shake of her stomach. She breathes in and arches her back to expose one of the tricks of selfies. 

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Danielle also mentioned that some social media influencers might be “model material” but not genuine people.

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She added: “It’s all for social media and Photoshopped. Be proud of your imperfections and love yourself; you’re beautiful.” In an interview with Daily Star, Danielle insisted she tried promoting body positivity, asking women to be kind to one another. She questioned: “Have you ever been in a girl’s bathroom at a club, and all the girls are complimenting each other? 

The TikToker also stated that some might have "ugly personalities" that fans wouldn't know from pictures.

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Danielle wants women to start appreciating their bodies and to be kind to their fellow women.

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She insisted compliments is the way women should be towards each other at all time. “You shouldn’t have to dim someone else’s light to think it makes yours shine brighter.” Danielle also pointed out that most influencers could be model material but not genuine people on social media and that some might have ugly personalities that fans wouldn’t be able to tell from pictures.