Couple Went Viral On Instagram, And They Have No Idea Why

Thanks to social media, Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey became quite well-known. The pair often shares photos of themselves but were recently confused when one of their pics instantly hit the headlines. Being dumbfounded is quite an understatement, and indeed, the pair eventually got to the bottom of why their 10th anniversary Instagram pic was so unique.

You might have heard of Wendy and Dan on Instagram, but if you haven't, we've got you covered.

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Wendy and her long-term BF have gathered a large fanbase, but nothing can be compared to that one photo that got them so popular.

In a then and now photo shared by Wendy on her Instagram page, the couple’s appearance was hard to resist. The pair from New Jersey but now in San Diego, California, appeared virtually unrecognizable, and indeed, the picture attested to this. It was captioned: “I0 Year difference! Left 2007, Right 2017. I used to have a perm and wear my hair stuck to my face every day, and @shotsofthenessey used to shave once a week.”

Neither Wendy nor Dan knew why this their 10th Anniversary photo was so unique.

But the answers were RIGHT IN THE COMMENTS!

Both Dan and Wendy had got engaged in Paris in September 2016 and currently work together as personal trainers offering nutritional advice through their page named True4YouFitness. Wendy has sound knowledge in public healthcare and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Admiration. On the other hand, Dan, a sophomore in college, has a Bachelors's in Exercise Science and has worked in the fitness industry for several years

Then again, they had a prominent announcement on Instagram, which also made their followers go wild.


Dan got on one knee right in front of the Eiffel Tower and gave her a diamond ring.

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The beginning of their love story was a pretty UNIQUE ONE. Just when Facebook launched, the then students found themselves attractive through the platform. Dan, who hoped to expand his social circle while meeting with new friends, came across Daphne. But after several messages, she never responded and soon came across Wendy.

It was when FACEBOOK was just at its beginnings that Wendy connected with Dan.

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Wendy had just graduated from high school, thinking of starting her studies in public healthcare.


He found her too stunning and knew he couldn’t wait but meet up with her. The duo started chatting back and forth and quickly became close friends. At a point, Dan wanted to meet with Wendy in real life and indeed invited her to a party at his home. When they saw each other, they hit it off, danced the night, and stayed up for hours talking. Unfortunately, things weren’t love at first sight.

Similarly, Dan was 18. He was studying Exercise Science.


In his first year of college, Dan heard of Facebook and thought he’d make more friends and possibly find a date.

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HE FOUND WENDY and invited her to a house party following months of chatting online. At the party, the pair stayed up all night and spoke all through.


Within the month they met, Wendy had just broken up with her long-term BF, and so they decided it would be best to remain as close friends. Well, everything changed after six months. They gave the relationship a try, and for seven years, things were incredible. But sadly, Wendy broke Dan’s heart, and the pair went separate ways. But despite the separation, their love didn’t go away, so they got back together.

When they met, Wendy told Dan she had recently broken up with her ex-boyfriend and wanted to take a break from any relationship.


The two decided to stay friends for a while, and almost a year and a half later, they became a couple.


Soon after, Dan started to appear on her YouTube channel titled Wendy’s Curls and switched from beauty advice to relationship advice. Their social media presence grew, and their love also grew more assertive. One aspect of their photo [the viral one] that shocked people was how the pair looked younger after ten years. It was as if they were aging in reverse. People without hesitation asked to know the couple’s secret. 


They spent seven years together until Wendy woke up one day and asked herself who she was.


Wendy looked at her life and realized she and Dan were too dependent on each other.


Well, there isn’t any secret! They’ve only been living a healthy lifestyle and fitness. Dan and Wendy fulfilled their dream of traveling across the world following their engagement. They’ve since gone to Thailand, Costa Rica, and even Colombia. Nonetheless, unlike many trainers, the couple prefers a more flexible, long-term approach to health and fitness while flaunting their abs and lean bodies.

It was heartbreaking, but she told Dan she wanted a life without him.

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But he didn't give up and kept sending her messages after they separated and it went on for a year and a half.

One day, Dan crossed paths with Wendy and fell in love again and again!