Woman Encourages Others To Be Their True Selves By Normalizing Mustache

For hundreds of years, women subjected themselves to beauty routines that can be painful and humiliating just to be accepted by people. People don't stop commenting on people, from waxing your armpit hair to plucking your eyebrows, regardless of your own feelings about your body. But such an idea is what Esthetician Joanna J Kenny wants to prevent from spreading with her viral empowering post.

The 31-year-old British beauty influencer loves giving people realistic tips and expectations for themselves.

"This is me normalising facial hair for anyone who’s grown up believing it’s something to be ashamed of."

Joanna was a teen when she noticed that hair was growing on her upper lips like a man's mustache. She shares, "Embarrassed, I would use whatever I could get my hands on to remove it."

Yet, hair removal products horribly triggered her acne problems, and it's only been recent that her skin has finally settled. She hasn't touched any facial hair removal product, and the small patch of hair isn't that visible. That doesn't stop negative comments from hitting her.

"But I do still get the occasional troll in the comments pointing out I have a mustache!"

It doesn't stop her from being confident in her own body and skin without filters, "For all of my dark-haired friends - I’m wearing my new lipstick and blue mascara to remind you all that facial hair is NORMAL!"

While social media such as Instagram has always encouraged people to run after unrealistic goals in beauty standards, Joanna always uses her platform for the complete opposite.

Many times now, has she shown what an actual human skin normally looks like. She doesn't stop from calling out editing apps that promote "beautifying" selfies yet encouraging insecurities in the users who feel like they're not “pretty enough.”

"I realize there is nothing wrong with thinking I look good without being 'full of it' or 'vain,'” she wrote. However, she doesn't want to spread the same insecurity she's feeling from the apps and is attempting the opposite.

"If I shared an unfiltered picture here today in my dress FEELING pretty, you might have looked at that picture and thought 'she looks pretty.'”

"Subconsciously noting that I wasn’t wearing makeup and didn’t retouch the picture, allowing you to consider the possibility that you too could show up as you are and see YOURSELF as pretty."

Many compliment her for being open about herself, giving others the confidence to feel happy about their own bodies.

But just as many body positivity posts encourage normalizing what's normal, she's also faced with criticisms and unsolicited opinions.

It's fair to have opinions and preferences! Although we're definitely wondering if Joanna ever asked for his.