23 Hilarious Times When Shower Curtains Made Bathrooms More Happening

Your bathroom is like a private space. Whether you’re relaxing in a hot bubble bath or doing a skincare routine, it’s one place in a home that’s used to get ready in the morning and wind down at night. Quite an amount of time is spent in the bathroom; hence your bathroom décor should match the calming environment. In particular, a shower curtain does more than keep water away from splashing.

If renovating your bathroom isn’t the budget this year, don’t despair, as you can change your shower curtain instead. It enhances the look of the space and can tie the rest of your décor altogether. With that said, the best shower curtains have a tasteful appearance and are guaranteed to leave your visitor thrilled. Here we’ve rounded up some standout picks, including classical artworks to Japanese lithographs. Have a look, and possibly they will inspire you.

I'll See Your Shower Curtain And Raise You My Shower Curtain.

Marquetan -Via

My Wife Let Our 8-Year-Old Choose His Shower Curtain Today.

SkipTracePro -Via

Shower Curtain.

dadjokes_and_puns -Via

I'm A 30-Year-Old Female With Plenty Of Regrets, But This Isn't One.

drpiotrowski -Via

I'm Single, And I Picked Out My Own Shower Curtain.

Danimal1 -Via

Got A New Shower Curtain.

EmilyMarie82 -Via

She Said That I Could Choose The Shower Curtain If I Kept It Nautical.

DogAdobo -Via

My Friend’s Roommates’ New Shower Curtain.

Pump-Fake -Via

I Let My Boyfriend Choose A Shower Curtain, And Now We Have This.

BoaGirl -Via

My Periodic Table Shower Curtain Has The Element Of Surprise On It.

sweaner -Via

Girlfriend Didn't Like My Shower Curtain, So She Got Me A New One.

Dr_Siouxs -Via

This Shower Curtain.

stars_mcdazzler -Via

I’m A 28-Year-Old Man, And I Regret Nothing.

Tron3462 -Via

Shower Curtain.

etsy -Via

My Husband And I Discovered You Can Get Photo Shower Curtains.

Elatedonion -Via

My Roommate’s 4 Year Old Picked Out This New Shower Curtain Out Of Literally A Hundred Of Options. Victory Is Inevitable.

padraigofcurd -Via

I'm A Nerd, And I Picked Out My Own Shower Curtain.

socksarecool95 -Via

Shower Curtain.

etsy -Via

My New Shower Curtain.

sydcooper89 -Via

My Wife Is Gonna Love Our New Shower Curtain.

ChaoticWeird -Via

I Got A New Shower Curtain Today, And I Can't Stop Staring At It.

mankattan -Via

I Approve Of These Shower Curtains Human.

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Shower Curtain.

etsy -Via