‘People Called Me A Fat B***h, So I Gave Myself A £30k Makeover - Now I Look Unrecognisable’

Jazmyne Day hated how she looked when she received so many insults for her less-than-ideal body. And that pain made her go through a drastic transformation as she went under the knife and went on a strict diet and gym routine to cut her weight down.

Jazmyne Day has completely changed from how she used to look like that got her rude comments like "fat b***h."

Instagram | jazdaymedia

She fell into depression, and it was the worst for her in December 2017. But she walked out of the pitfall of self-deprecation moments by herself.

The 28-year-old "frumpy" accountant from Gwent, South Wales, spent a hefty amount of £30,000 that got people gasping in disbelief with how she looks now. She didn't just go under the knife for the new look; Jazmyne improved her lifestyle as her depression stems from her overweight problem exacerbated by mean comments from people close to her.

Instagram | jazdaymedia

Instagram | jazdaymedia

“I was called a 'fat b****' by someone very close to me, and everything sort of came into focus – I realized I needed to make serious changes in my life," she recalls back what triggered the change.

Jazmyne started weight-lifting and lost a total of 40 lbs of fat. She put on muscles and changed her diet to a healthier one.

She got two b[r]east augmentations, one Brazilian b*tt lift, and teeth alignment.

During her rock bottom moments, the woman shared that she “honestly didn’t see the purpose in living.”

Jazmyne, who now lives in Las Vegas, LA, shares that she works out 4 to 5 days a week to maintain her figure. Now, she totally enjoys working out, especially deadlifts.

"My favorite is definitely the deadlift. 225 lbs," she shared. "But I try to train everything equally. So I'll do a day where my main life is the deadlift, another where it's squat, then another where it's the press."

"Currently I am quite pleased with my look and have truly grown to love my body.”