People Gone Crazy At Jeff Bezos' Girlfriend Caught 'Thirsting' Over Leonardo DiCaprio

A few days ago, Jeff Bezos and GF Lauren Sanchez attended the 10th Annual Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and Film Gala presented by Gucci. Shortly after their arrival, the couple was seen in a conversation with Leonardo DiCaprio. This moment was captured on camera and had been making rounds on social media for numerous reasons.

Jeff Bezos and his GF Lauren Sanchez attended the LACMA Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles.

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At one time in the video, Lauren was seen staring into Leo’s eyes as he spoke to her and Jeff; we suspect Lauren might have forgotten he was there as he had to wave his finger in their face and appeared like he was exiting. The short clip has prompted many to question whether the exchange between Lauren and DiCaprio was flirtatious. 

The duo being the subject matter was when Lauren looked up at Leo admiringly while Bezos seemed almost uninterested.

Lauren's arm was briefly around the Titanic star, and she could be seen smiling awhile Bezos stood by her side.

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Lauren’s arm had also briefly moved around the Titanic actor, who she was seen smiling while Jeff stood by her side. It’s expected that the founder and former executive chairman of Amazon probably have nothing to be too concerned about given the fact he’s the richest man on Planet Earth with a net worth of $177billion.

It was expected that Jeff probably has nothing to be too concerned about given that he's the richest man.

However, Jeff didn’t overlook the incident and has since issued a warning to DiCaprio via Twitter. His post warning was captioned: “Leo, come over here, I want to show you something @LeoDiCaprio,” and it featured his photo overlaid text reads: “DANGER! STEEP CLIFF. FATAL DROP.” Following this, people have been cracking up while having fun with the moment.

However, Bezos has shared a WARNING message to DiCaprio!

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One person wrote: “Find somebody who looks at you the way Jeff Bezos’ GF looks at Leonardo DiCaprio.” Another joked: “Leo about to lose his Prime Membership.” A third stated, looking into things more deeply: “That’s not about money, alpha or beta. That’s just about a woman’s perpetual satisfaction. Their ego desires everything they don’t have and despise everything they have. Give her DiCaprio; she will crave to seduce Brad Pitt.”

However, taking to Instagram, Lauren, in her post, tagged Leo and wrote: “Beautiful evening last night at the @LACMA Art + Film Gala hosted by the amazing @1evachow and @leonardodicaprio. An amazing event that will benefit important museum initiative exhibitions and programming for years to come.” This caption was accompanied by a pic of her with Jeff Bezos, signaling they’re doing just fine. 

On the other hand, it's suspected the duo are doing JUST FINE following Lauren's post on Instagram.

But Of Course, People Are Having Quite Some Fun With The Moment







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