Girl, 19, Marries Man 42 Years Older Than Her Despite Family Disapproval

Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon was 18 when she first met her now-husband, 42-year-old Kevin. They met on the dating site Badoo on January 9, 2020. Despite their huge age gap, the two professed their love for each other after months of chatting. Audrey, an officer based in California, finally met up with the man in person and then shared their first kiss.

However, Audrey's family is particularly alarmed and called the police on the man the day they told her parents about their already established relationship.

Audrey shares her feelings on her first meeting with a 61-year-old father of two.


"I was both excited and nervous to see him," said Audrey. "He still talks about the day he laid his eyes on me with such passion."

"Kevin made the first move. He took my face in his hands and we had our first kiss when we first met face to face. We can both agree truly that it was love at first sight."

Such a huge age gap is a first for both of them, but it didn't deter them from staying together.


"Our first conversation was about the military and he asked questions about me and we became very open to each other. We talked about everything together," the military officer recalls. "Kevin also looks very handsome to me."

"What makes our relationship so great and perfect for us is our ever-growing love for each other."

Kevin was previously married for 19 years and had two children from the marriage. His older is 23 and youngest, 16.

Audrey's parents are 38 and 43, much younger than Kevin and that was why Audrey kept her relationship hidden from them.


They only opened up about it in August last year. Audrey shared, "We were open about our relationship to our co-workers but it was a secret from my family at first."

"I couldn't handle the stress of keeping it a secret from my family so we agreed that he would come down to meet them."




"My family was extremely hostile about meeting him at first because we told them about us in a bad way. I texted them while I was away with him and we came back to my parent's house to my entire family and the cops waiting outside."


Audrey continued, "It was scary at first but Kevin was ready to stand for what he believed in and now after getting to know him, my family has really grown to like him."

"For three days, they yelled at him every time he came to see me and did everything they could to tell him how terrible he is for loving me. He took it and since then has proven to them how much he truly and deeply loves me."

She added, "We haven't heard any negative comments from strangers yet, but we have gotten looks but we normally don't mind them. We focus on ourselves."

The couple finally got married in Nevada on August 1, 2021.


Audrey shares, "Most of the time we talk about getting our dream home, having a baby, and living our lives happily."

"He wants to be a stay-at-home dad and watch our baby while I am at work and he can pursue his woodworking hobby. He wants to cook and clean for me until I come home. Then we spend time as a family."

Audrey continues to share how she wishes to spend more time with Kevin in the future. She continued, "We just want to be together and never separate again. We are eager to have our baby - it is just finding the right time."

Audrey is currently stationed in the Middle East and Kevin is back home in California. But they plan to move in together next year after Kevin retires.

'Our lives make it difficult for dreams like that but we know in time we will live our dream.'