People Are Roasting Apple For It’s New iPhone 13 And Here’re 20 Hilarious Ones

A few days back, Apple launched its latest iPhone 13. The new iPhone came with an A15 Bionic chip, and it offers better 5G connectivity. But its appearance doesn’t have a dramatic makeover to make it stand apart from its predecessor, the iPhone 12. Appearance-wise, the repositioning of the camera lens seems to be the only glaring change. However, while the brand undeniably has many loyal customers, the internet doesn’t appear to hold such loyalty. 

People couldn’t help but notice that both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are pretty much the same. Due to this, some of its loyalists have been airing their opinions by churning out captivating memes on social media. iPhone 13 has since been welcomed with great disappointment, especially as people couldn’t see why they should invest in the new phone. Well, the prices remain pretty steep, and here we’ve collated hilarious memes poking fun at this launch.


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