20 People Who Got Outed For Their Hilariously Excessive Instagram Edits

With the increasing importance of photos on social media pages, many people naturally get worried about what people think, and this is precisely where photo editing software comes into play. We all are guilty of editing our pics to make them attractive, but some touches are nothing compared to the shocking fails some people try to pass off as accurate on Instagram. Do you believe that reflections don’t lie! 

Now trending are children as young as ten airbrushing their selfies with augmented reality face filters that often sharpen shrink, enhances their faces and physiques. Well, the outcome is often far from the imagined. Notably, photos seen on screens are mainly altered in numerous ways to get the perfect airbrushed version. However, a few have taken photo editing too far, and compiled below are some of the worst offenders caught red-handed. Scroll on and enjoy!

“GORL… what is going on?”

irresistablechips -Via

Someone Call An Ambulance.

velmazing44 -Via

Thank You, Tinder, For The Incoming Nightmares Ill Have Tonight.

benkirby1992 -Via

Normalize Pregnant Bodies Of All Sizes And The Normal Changes To Our Body That Come With Pregnancy.

Asianmamacita -Via

Honestly, I’m More Confused Than Anything.

kellywhite1999 -Via

I Don't Even Know If It's R/Instagramreality Or R/Botchedsurgeries. Probably Both.

tomaruss -Via

I Finally Found One In The Wild.

thelittleEcho -Via

Like An Hour Glass. Thanks To R/Instagramreality, I Can Easily Spot What's Wrong With Such Pics.

mehuls4598 -Via

Daycare Didn’t Get The Memo To Filter The Photo.

chicksdigscooters -Via

Where Do I Start?

eskpe -Via

Where Do I Start?

Tagged Vs. Posted. She Actually Looks Really Good For 72 Y/O But Can’t Help Herself With Photoshop.

Foolish_trickery -Via

“Edited vs. Unedited”

rainbowmist17 -Via

Hi Humans.

[deleted] -Via

My Friend Met This Girl, And She Looks Nothing Like This.

ConversationMotor536 -Via

Will Never Understand The Appeal Of Little Head Syndrome.

kjyeon -Via

This Model Makes Herself Look Easily 25 Years Younger, And It’s Crazy.

HVACery -Via

He Has One Sky That Follows Him Around Everywhere He Goes. Amazing How It’s So Consistent!

[deleted] -Via

Intestines? Never Heard Of Them.

ccupcakesrfun -Via

You Can Barely See Her Nose.

Matthiaszzz -Via

What She Posts Vs. A Screenshot I Took From A Video.

monsterzombie88 -Via