20 Times People Use Tattoos To Cover Up Scars, And Birthmarks And The Results Are Spot-On

People often perceive tattoos as artistic additions to one’s body, but they mean so much more than just that for these people compiled below. There seem to be quite a fraction of people who so much are delighted in using tattoos to cover up their scars and birthmarks. Regardless of the size, scarring can act as a heartbreaking reminder of past pain and might even cause anyone to feel alienated in their bodies. 

However, the power of tattooing holds for many more than just skin deep. More precisely, it tends to give back the freedom to be comfortable in the skin. Getting rid of a scar can be extremely difficult; hence, concealing it with a tattoo is brilliant. Here’s a list of beautiful, hilarious, and simply creative designs that have healed old body wounds, marks, and possibly mental bruises. Scroll on, and YES, they might inspire you to get inked.

This Scar Cover Up Tattoo.

Yulinka17 -Via

Hi Mom, Look How I Enjoy It.

hellcock -Via

Finally Done Something With My Scar.

Dasgoog -Via

Got To Do This Rad Wine Glass To Work With A Birthmark Today! Super Thankful For Your Trust.

guesspre -Via


halfrican_art -Via

MEDICAL TATTOO; It Is The Process Of Closing The Scars, All Kinds Of Unwanted Traces For Camouflage, Using A Medical Tattoo System, Without Damaging The Skin And Using Organic Pigments.

medikaldovmeler -Via

My Nephew Finally Had His Burning Scars Covered With A Tattoo! I AM SO PROUD OF MY BOY!!! Made Me Smile And Also Made Me Cry Of Happiness.

ImaGeisha4u -Via

Sometimes It Is Enough To Cleverly Integrate A Scar Instead Of Covering It.

dimistattoo -Via

Lily On A Rock(Design Is Based On The Client’s Birthmark).

studiobysol -Via

Check Out This Amazing Before And After Photo By Our Artist, Gustavo.

empowertattoo -Via

The Most Meaningful Tattoo I’ve Ever Done. Scar Cover Up For This Amazing Woman. I Have No Words To Describe This Process.

danasha.tattoo -Via

Scar Tattoo (Bilgi Ve Randevu Icin DM Atiniz).

camurtattoo -Via

This Was Fun! Thank You, Aisling.

pat_theblackcattattoo -Via

Turning Scar To Fishbone. Thanks Again.

pimpotattoo -Via

Very Interesting Custom Project Around A Scar. I Guess I Could Call It “Scar Upcycling.”

nein666_tattoo -Via

Make The Most Of What You’ve Got! Cheers Connor.

tomsandys -Via

A Camouflage Of Childhood Domestic Burn.

pinkdermographie -Via

Working With The Soul Is The Best Thing There Is. I Have No Words To Describe How Much I Was Looking Forward To Doing This Work And All That Are To Come.

raquelgauthier -Via

This Is A 40-Year-Old Scar, And We Covered It With Cherry Blossoms And Butterflies.

p.ink.y_pix_kpt -Via

Covered Up Old Self Harm Scars With My First Tattoo.

[deleted] -Via