Woman Stops Shaving To Normalize Body Hair And Gets Told She Looks Like A Man

When most women still feel ashamed about their armpit hair, one confident woman decided not to shave for the rest of her life anymore. She is Bethany Burgoyne, a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Essex. As a woman with a lot of body hair, she always felt pressured with having to shave.

But since 2018, she's thrown away the razor and vows to never let it touch her body anymore.

She's been told that she looks like a "man," but it did not bother her.

"I see now that we can be the person we wish to see - for me, that was a woman who had hair on her body and was proud to show it off."

"This made me recognize how much love and celebration there is for hairy ladies like myself. We are wonderful, and every image I see builds a sense of confidence. I love the support."